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6 Places You've Never Been in Indianapolis


Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, has a lot to offer residents and visitors. The Indianapolis 500 is probably Indy's most famous event, and the city is home to 11 popular sports teams. Yet there is more to do in Indianapolis besides sporting events, like visiting the city's only drive-in movie theater or stepping back in time to play your favorite arcade games. To help you discover new things to do in Indy, Tom Wood Nissan created this list of six places you may have never seen before.


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9 Great Karaoke Spots in Indianapolis

Karaoke is a great way to spend a night out with friends, where you can show off your belting skills while still partaking in some cocktails. Indianapolis has no shortage of karaoke locations where you can star in your concert or take a group of friends to switch off on the mic. Here are some of the best bars offering karaoke in Indianapolis.

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7 Places to Check Out When You're Looking for Vinyl Records in Indy


While streaming is the latest and greatest way to discover to music, you can't beat listening to your favorite bands on vinyl. Vinyl is not going anywhere. In fact, it has a devoted following that has not only endured over the years but is also growing. Music lovers who shop for vinyl are keeping record stores open and thriving around the country. If you're a fan of vinyl and love flipping through a stack of records, you have several stores to check out in the Indianapolis area. Stop by these shops in Indy when you're looking for…

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Top 5 Unique Date Ideas in Indianapolis




Planning a fun date is half the fun, and Indianapolis is a bustling city with a slew of options to keep you and your significant other entertained. Typical date-night activities like dining out, going to the movies, or picnicking in one of the lovely city parks are all wonderful options. But what happens when you've exhausted all of your regular date-night options? Read on to learn about our list of unique date ideas in Indianapolis for when you're in the mood to do something different than usual. 

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7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day in Indianapolis Throughout February


On Valentine's Day, you can demonstrate your love to your spouse and enjoy some romance. There are many places in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area where you and your partner can spend Valentine's Day. If you can't celebrate exactly on February 14, there are lots of ways to celebrate on other days as well. Here are some of the best Valentine's Day events in the area during the month of February. 

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