Signs Your Brakes Need the Attention of a Professional


We hope you know you simply have to head our way to see our extensive inventory of new Nissan cars whenever you’re shopping for a great-looking, feature-rich new vehicle. We also hope you know our location should be your destination when your vehicle is due for some routine maintenance or it needs a repair.

When you look through your owner’s manual, you’ll see that it includes recommendations about when you should have your brakes checked. While it’s generally wise to adhere to those guidelines, you may need to have your brakes checked before you reach the milestones provided in your owner’s manual.

Today’s cars typically provide alerts when their brakes need attention. If you have warning lights on your dashboard, one may light up if you have a problem with your brakes. Even if a warning light doesn’t come on, your car has other ways of letting you know your brakes need some help.

One of the first signs that your brakes need some attention is a pulsating brake pedal. If your brake pedal vibrates when you press it down, you should make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Indianapolis, IN Nissan service center.

If your car needs a longer distance to stop than it usually does, it’s an indication that you may need new brake pads. If you hear squealing emanating from your wheel wells, it’s also a sign that your brake pads are worn. If that squealing is replaced by grinding, it normally means you’ve waited too long to get new brake pads. As result, your calipers and rotors are grinding against each other when you step on your brake pedal. When this happens, it can cause your rotors to suffer damage.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that your brakes need attention, bring your car to Tom Wood Nissan on East 96th Street today.

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