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No matter what make or model you drive – a 2020 Nissan Rogue, a new Nissan Maxima, or a vehicle produced by another brand – your vehicle’s alignment will need the attention of a professional from time to time. Even if your automobile never goes out of alignment, you should still bring your car into our Indianapolis, IN Nissan service center for an alignment inspection at least once per year, although it’s wiser to do so every six months or so.

With so many things that can throw an automobile’s alignment off, it’s likely that you’ll have to do more than bring your vehicle in for an alignment inspection. It’s quite possible you’ll need receive a total alignment service as well.

If you drive through a pothole without slowing down, it can impact your vehicle’s alignment. Hitting a curb or speed bump too hard can also cause your automobile to become misaligned. If you drive on uneven or damaged roads often enough, that can cause problems too.

When your car is out of alignment, it can negatively impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. It can also expose your tires to uneven and premature wear which will require you to replace your tires way earlier than you should have to. A misaligned vehicle will not be able to handle the road as well as it’s meant to, which can ruin your whole driving experience.

Don’t settle for subpar performance caused by a misalignment! Optimize your car’s performance on the road by maintaining its alignment at Tom Wood Nissan in Indianapolis whenever your car needs an alignment inspection or service.